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Everything is Political
October 1, 7PM MT

YEGPodfest kicks off with the hosts of The Strategists and Women of ABPoli to dish on the art of political podcasting, the journey of their shows, and dissecting strategy and current events for their audiences. Don’t miss this political podcast primer! Hosted by Zain Velji, with Kathleen Smith, Stephen Carter, Deirdre Mitchell-MacLean, and Corey Hogan.

Take the Taproot Survey to see how you align with the candidates running for mayor and council.


MASTERCLASS: Lessons in Audio Storytelling
October 2, 10AM MT

Are you looking for ways to spice up the sound in your podcast? Anis Heydari, producer on CBC’s Cost of Living, and Clare Bonnyman, host/producer of CBC Edmonton’s The Loop, will break down the ways you can bring more sonic diversity to your audio stories. From incorporating sound effects and music into a story that doesn’t naturally have it, to weaving different audio elements to create a scene, and even telling a story that’s all about sound. Anis and Clare will take you through the ways creative audio can bring your work to the next level (and discuss the death of the record scratch sound effect).


In Conversation: The Flamethrowers
October 2, 1PM MT

The Flamethrowers tracks the rise of right wing radio, from fringe preachers and conspiracy peddlers of the 1930s to today’s partisan firestorm. It’s the story of how radio energized and then radicalized the conservative base, culminating with Donald Trump, the president who followed the conservative talk radio playbook all the way to the White House. Join the discussion with award-winning reporter and podcaster Justin Ling (The Village) and producer Peter Brown, hosted by CBC Edmonton’s Mark Connolly.


PANEL: Vital Signs: Making Ends Meet
October 2, 3PM MT

A panel discussion on this year’s Vital Signs topic with Edmonton Community Foundation and Elizabeth Bonkink of The Well Endowed Podcast. Panelists include Erick Ambtman from End Poverty Edmonton and Keren Tang of OtherWise Podcast and candidate for City Councillor for Ward Karhiio.


Women on the Mics
October 2, 6PM MT

Join Jessica Lintlop and Lauren McMullen from HERspective, Shahzia Noorally from The Colour Gap, and host Stacey Brotzel (Searching for Izena) for a fun and frank discussion on women in podcasting.


MASTERCLASS: Getting Attention for your Podcast
October 3, 11AM MT

If you’re going to put in the work to make a podcast, it makes sense to put in a little more to reach the people who want to hear it. Karen Unland, founder of the Alberta Podcast Network and co-host of the award-winning podcast That’s A Thing?!, will walk you through how to use earned, owned, and paid media effectively to get your show the attention it deserves.


In Conversation: Life Jolt
October 3, 1PM MT

Life Jolt examines the lives of women navigating Canada’s correctional system. This podcast team followed women going into prison for the first time, lifers who have been there for years, and parolees as they left.
Don’t miss this in-depth conversation with Life Jolt host Rosemary Green, a former inmate herself, and show producer John Chipman.


PANEL: Alberta Book Pods
October 3, 2:30PM MT

Voices from the book pods on Alberta Podcast Network share the screen for a conversation about reading, book clubs, CanLit, and more. Featuring Rayanne Haines of Crow Reads, Makda Mulatu of Glass Bookshop Radio, and Anita and Scott C. Bourgeois of the mini book club for your ears, The Read-Along. Hosted by Glass Bookshop’s Jason Purcell.


PANEL: The Future of Canadian Podcasting
October 3, 4PM MT

Podcasting is still a bit of the ‘Wild West’ here in Canada, or at least it seems that way to new-er podcast producer, Shauna Rae. Shauna looks to discover what’s been happening in the industry over the past several years, what’s emerging now, how Canada compares to other countries in podcasting, and where the industry is headed in the future. She’s enlisted the help of podcast pros from across Canada to discuss, and they’ll take your questions, too!

Panelists include Jen Moss of JAR Audio, Lindsay Cameron Wilson of The Food Podcast, and podcast producer and consultant Maddie Stiles (check out her work on Your Girl Karly, Fellow’s Supermanagers, The Startup Canada Podcast, and The Startup Women Podcast).